New Building Project

The Easthampton Public Schools are located in the heart of the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts, in a community that offer a range of industries, a beautiful boardwalk surrounding Nashawannuck Pond, and an active rail trail.


About Easthampton Public Schools

The community has evolved from a rural farming village to a flourishing mill town and now to a vibrant and diverse city with a wealth of artists, retail shops, award-winning restaurants, and numerous recreational opportunities. Our old mill buildings, once bustling with manufacturing enterprises, now buzz with the excitement of creative and cultural activities. From the lively boardwalk, to the bike path, residents and visitors are afforded diverse opportunities for leisure and entertainment. Easthampton has become a model small city of the 21st century by retaining its mill town soul but committing to foster innovation. Community members treasure the abundant resources, dynamic downtown, and vibrant neighborhoods, which make our community such a great place to live.

The schools are part of the rich, diverse culture found in Easthampton. As of September 2022, our three former elementary schools Center, Pepin and Maple, along with the former White Brook Middle School, have been consolidated into Mountain View School. Mountain View School serves students in PreK-8th grade. Easthampton High School, opened in 2013, houses our students in 9th-12th grades.  Mountain View School and Easthampton High School are the newest school buildings in our area, ensuring that students in our city have access to the highest quality learning environments and state of the art facilities. 

Strategic Plan 2022-23

Guiding Principles

Demonstrating kindness, respect, and support towards each other, by appreciating the contributions of others, valuing diversity, and honoring ourselves and others through words and actions. 

Working to create a community that is nurturing, inclusive, and equitable, by welcoming all and fostering a sense of belonging within our school community so we can overcome challenges together and work collaboratively toward our shared goals. 

Engaging as learners who persevere through challenges, who see setbacks as opportunities to learn, grow, and demonstrate resilience. 

Fostering awareness of our place within a broader global community, and recognition of our interdependence by promoting social, economic, and environmental justice. 


We envision a future where Easthampton Public Schools are the heartbeat of our community, where all are accepted and able to authentically participate in academic, emotional, and social learning within a setting that is welcoming, inclusive, and adapted to the needs of all students. 


The mission of Easthampton Public Schools is to facilitate the academic, social, and emotional development of all students so they can lead full lives, exercise informed choice, and contribute to their communities. 

Strategic Goals


Goal 1: Easthampton Public Schools will ensure that its curricula are aligned with our guiding principles. 

Goal 2: Easthampton Public Schools will continually refine its approach to engaging families, caregivers, and the wider community. 


Goal 3: Easthampton Public Schools will ensure its ongoing commitment to its mission and that equity guides our decision making and conduct.  


Goal 4: Easthampton Public Schools will foster effective advocacy with partners and stakeholders to ensure adequate resources to meet our strategic goals. 

Strategic Plan documents

Additional information about the district's strategic plan can be found in the documents linked below. 

Easthampton Public Schools Strategic Plan (PDF)

Strategic Plan Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)